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Do latex mattresses have formaldehyde? Is there any good way to get rid of it?


Do latex mattresses have formaldehyde? Is there any good way to get rid of it?

Mattress, almost every family necessity, with the improvement of people's living standards, the requirement of mattress comfort is also gradually improved. At the same time, in order to comply with the development of the market, businesses have also produced a variety of mattresses, of which most of the latex mattresses are made of rubber resin picked from rubber trees, which is the most popular mattress in the market. However, the small partner around me, always ask small rubber, latex mattresses in the post-processing, whether to add a large number of chemicals, there is formaldehyde? So, is there formaldehyde on latex mattresses? Rubber tree environmental protection to popularize the relevant knowledge.

1. Is there formaldehyde in latex mattresses?

There are many brands of latex mattresses in the market, depending on the density and thickness, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands. The concentration of formaldehyde is closely related to the material of mattresses. In particular, in order to save costs, some producers use fabrics and sponges that already contain formaldehyde as bedding materials, or excessively increase the strength and hardness of mattresses and blindly add a large amount of adhesive. Formaldehyde is constantly released from the adhesive, resulting in formaldehyde exceeding the standard!

In fact, the harm of formaldehyde mattress than furniture formaldehyde pollution is more serious, because furniture drawers, cabinets can be closed up formaldehyde, unlike mattresses, is long-term exposure to the air, and people "close" contact. In addition, formaldehyde is a colorless, tasteless and irritating smell of harmful substances, people adsorb formaldehyde for a long time, easy to cause headache, dizziness, skin redness and swelling, allergy, serious cases will also lead to acute poisoning and even cancer. It can be seen that the mattress contains superscalar formaldehyde consequences how serious.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a comfortable and safe latex mattress, and friends can choose from the following aspects:

II. Standard for selecting latex mattresses

1. Price: latex mattresses range from hundreds to thousands of prices, but due to a wide range of production processes, expensive materials, too cheap materials may be used inferior quality and performance is not very good. Therefore, do not lust for too cheap latex mattresses, in order to avoid formaldehyde content. 

2. Taste: the real flavor is delicious, mainly a light frankincense. However, there are also many businesses through the addition of spices to cover up synthetic latex or emulsion produced by chemical factories, so that it is difficult for us laymen to distinguish. 

3, elasticity: you can lie in bed to feel, test whether the spring is strong, whether it can rebound, if not, there are more or less problems.

4. Production parameters: see if the latex mattress specification describes in detail the thickness of brown and how high the spring coverage rate is. Because according to national regulations, the spring density must reach 55% before it can be considered up to the standard. Secondly, it is best to buy latex mattresses produced by big brand manufacturers, so that not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the after-sales service can be consulted to ensure that the problems are solved in a timely manner.

At this point, and some small partners came to ask small rubber, latex mattresses have a pungent smell is the presence of formaldehyde. In fact, it is not so general, because in general, the production is usually completed on the package shipment, received after the opening of the taste began to dissipate, so will smell some taste is a normal phenomenon. However, if the taste exists for a long time, there may be formaldehyde, because the release cycle of formaldehyde is slow, which takes more than 3 years. Therefore, formaldehyde can be removed in the following ways:

III. Techniques for removing formaldehyde from new mattresses

1. Formaldehyde dissolving enzyme: use the physical conversion function to convert formaldehyde into non-toxic substances and reduce the concentration of formaldehyde. 

2. Formaldehyde cleaner: spray formaldehyde remover on the surface of the mattress, produce decomposition effect, not only will not damage the mattress itself, but also will fail in a few hours. 

3, ventilation and ventilation: people in the bedroom for a long time, often maintain indoor ventilation, not only can purify indoor air, but also can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde. 

4. Professional aldehyde removal mechanism: professional aldehyde removal mechanism, can quickly and effectively remove formaldehyde from mattresses in a short time, and will not cause damage to the human body, but also to ensure that formaldehyde does not recur repeatedly. 

Although, latex mattress has formaldehyde, but as long as we do not want small cheap, choose and buy big brand production as far as possible. At the same time, with the small rubber introduced above several techniques to remove formaldehyde, can reduce the pollution harm caused by formaldehyde to our human body.

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