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Are you still worried about how to choose mattresses?


Are you still worried about how to choose mattresses?

Sleep is a happy little thing that each of us has to face every day. As the saying goes, spring is sleepy, autumn is tired, summer takes a nap, eats, drinks, and sleeps. According to statistics, if the average human life expectancy is 70 years, then we will have 24 years to spend in bed.

So the question is, we all talk about going to bed, but who are we sleeping with?

It's not a bed, it's a mattress. Whether the mattress is suitable for your sleep posture, the quality of your sleep experience will directly affect the quality of your sleep.

For mattresses, we have to choose from several indicators: support, fit, permeability and anti-interference. Support represents the mattress's support for the body, that is, the "hardness" of our body. Fit on behalf of the mattress for the body of clothing, so that we feel on the "softness." Air permeability refers to the degree of discharge of heat from the mattress when it is pressed by the human body in a position for a long time. Anti-interference means the extent to which two people sleep on the same mattress at the same time and interfere with each other when they sleep in different positions.

At present, mattresses on the market can be divided into three categories: spring mattresses, latex mattresses and palm mattresses.

Spring mattress: the interior is constructed from individual springs, and it is surrounded by layers of fabric and other materials. 

Advantages: good air permeability, support and transverse groove very good fit the human body, strong and durable. 

Disadvantages: the need to regularly flip the guarantee period of the force of each part of the mattress is uniform, and the spring mattress needs to be regularly cleaned and moisture-proof.

Latex mattress: latex pad is divided into synthetic latex and natural latex. They come from different sources. Synthetic emulsions are made from oil, while natural emulsions come from rubber trees. The price of latex mattress is still generally more expensive, the price of natural latex mattress is more expensive.

Advantages: because the latex itself has countless pores, so it has good air permeability and body support and resilience. It is not easy to deform when used for a long time. 

Shortcomings are easy to oxidize, and some people are allergic to latex.

Palm mattresses: Palm mattresses are mainly divided into mountain palm and coconut brown. In comparison, the price of mountain palm will be higher than that of coconut palm. Palm pads are especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people or sedentary office workers. Because, the office worker sits overtime for a long time, easy to lead to body deformation, natural palm pad, soft and hard moderate, can support the body in all directions, help restore function.

Advantages: good air permeability, environmental protection is harmless to the body. 

Disadvantages: poor durability, easy to grow insects after long use, moldy and prone to deformation.

Xiaobian listed above 3, only on behalf of the current market mainstream 3 categories of mattresses. Due to the development of science and technology, the market has appeared a lot of high-tech bed bottom, such as spring mattress + latex pad, palm pad + latex pad and so on. In fact, each customer in the purchase of mattresses, in addition to their own material is harmful to human health is a major consideration, but also must experience it. Lie down and try, even if you get some sleep in the bed of the store. Personal experience, is the choice and purchase of mattresses suitable for you!

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