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Is the latex mattress good or not? These questions need to be guarded against!


Is the latex mattress good or not? These questions need to be guarded against!

Latex mattresses are the more popular bedding in the mattress market in recent years. Some friends who are ready to buy mattresses may be eager to try, but there are still some doubts: latex mattresses in the end good? Is there anything "inside" we need to know?

The benefits of latex mattresses, I believe there have been countless mattress manufacturers have been tired of repeating, here will not be more to repeat. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to popularize the current latex mattress what problems, so as to help you make the most suitable for their own judgment.

I. Environmental protection issues

In fact, it refers to too many harmful chemical latex mattresses on the market, chemical latex mattresses are mostly made of synthetic latex or industrial latex, poor elasticity, easy depression and deformation, easy oxidation, what is more terrible is that chemical latex mattresses contain a lot of harmful substances. This harmful substance can cause excessive formaldehyde in mattresses, leading to quite serious health problems such as leukemia.

II. Price issues

The price of latex mattresses on the market is very different, even if it is pure natural latex, different brands, the price is also very different. Generally speaking, the price is less than 2000 yuan, often chemical synthetic latex, containing a large number of harmful substances. Latex mattresses higher than 8000 yuan tend to be a brand premium and have nothing to do with product quality.

III. The problem of fakes

Latex mattresses market fakes, it is difficult to buy authentic Thai natural latex mattresses. Most of the domestic latex mattresses are synthetic latex, the quality and service life are different. But the vast majority of domestic factories claim to be Thai natural latex, which has caused market chaos that ordinary consumers simply cannot tell.

III. Soft and hard problems

Now on the market latex mattresses, most of them are soft. This mattress has just begun to sleep, may feel very comfortable, but over time may find that there will be mild waist and neck soreness and other problems. This is because too soft mattresses lead to the body lying down is not strong enough to be well supported, and is more or less likely to have a more or less negative impact on the spine that needs to be protected.

Latex mattresses, naturally have many advantages worthy of our choice, but at the same time there are some problems that we need to pay attention to. In any case, suitable for their own is the best, only after their own serious experience in order to choose their own good mattress. Recently Jietai furniture new mattress, is completely different from the traditional mattress material environmental protection mattress material, health and environmental protection, interested friends can understand.

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