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Do you know what the first thing to do when you buy a new mattress?


Do you know what the first thing to do when you buy a new mattress?

In general, relatives and friends will be invited to the new home, which is called "warm pot" here, which means that the new national fever bought by the new family is hot, which means that it is prosperous. However, when the editor goes, he will always find that on the mattresses that many people buy, the plastic film is generally not removed. A lot of people think it can be dustproof,

I think the mattress is less likely to get dirty. Now the editor will tell you, in fact, this is very wrong. This will not only shorten the service life of the mattress, more importantly, it will seriously endanger human health.

First of all, Xiaobian told you about the use of that layer of plastic film, in fact, it is only the protective film of the outer package, is to protect the mattress in the transport process will not become dirty. This kind of film costs only about 10 to 20 yuan a kilogram, which is very cheap plastic, contains a lot of chemical components, and is extremely airtight. If you don't tear off this plastic film, 

Sleep for a long time, mattresses prone to mildew, breeding bacteria and mites! Long-term wet mattresses will rust the internal structure of the mattress, you will turn over will squeak.

In addition, we all know that new furniture, including new mattresses, more or less contain some formaldehyde, if we tear off the film in time, then formaldehyde will evaporate quickly, but if we do not tear off the film, Then formaldehyde will always be sealed in the mattress and will not be emitted, so we will sleep on the mattress every day. 

Is tantamount to chronic suicide.

Here, the editor would like to advise everyone, if you buy back new furniture, no matter what, be sure to clean up the plastic film in time, leaving the plastic film has no effect, but will bring you a lot of trouble.

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