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What kind of mattress has a high price-to-performance ratio?


What kind of mattress has a high price-to-performance ratio?

What kind of mattress calculation price ratio is high, the key word to study this problem lies in the performance-to-price ratio, since it is the performance-to-price ratio, the starting point must be the proportion of price and quality. Good quality and moderate price is equal to a high ratio of performance to price.

A bed cushion = upper fabric + comfort layer + bearing layer + comfort layer + lower fabric

Mattresses are made up of materials that look "not at all complicated". The top fabric of the mattress is much simpler. The mattresses on the market are knitted fabric, jacquard fabric, bamboo fiber fabric, 3D fabric, cotton fabric, canvas fabric and so on. The better thing is 3D cotton jacquard, 

More breathable and durable, fresh touch, not hot, keep you dry; soft, fluffy texture, more comfortable than cotton. 

The comfort layer of the bed is filled with sponge, memory cotton, natural latex, mountain palm, coconut brown, horse hair, wool and cotton. Each has its own advantages, after testing natural latex mattresses and natural coconut brown mattresses, the top filling or natural latex sleeping feeling more intimate, more comfortable, easier to enter deep sleep.

Next is the bearing layer of the mattress, take coconut palm as an example, it is divided into high density coconut brown, medium density coconut brown, low density coconut palm, the density of coconut palm is not enough to cause mattress collapse, coconut palm needs to be glued to achieve a certain density value. It is worth noting that authentic natural coconut brown mattresses do not contain formaldehyde, but because coconut brown mattresses are softer, 

Support is relatively weak, many businesses in order to increase the hardness of mattresses, excessive use of adhesive, causing formaldehyde in mattresses to exceed the standard. Formaldehyde has a pungent smell, and has a serious irritation to the eyes and nose of the human body. Smelling it in the process of purchasing mattresses is one of the most simple and common methods. But the lower concentration of formaldehyde is not easy to smell. 

It can be in the environment where the concentration of formaldehyde is low and can exceed the standard for a long time, and it is also easy to cause chronic poisoning, liver poisoning and so on. Close contact with mattresses during sleep at night is more likely to cause adverse effects on the human body and directly affect the health of the body. According to the survey, 80% of coconut palm mattresses on the market formaldehyde content exceeded the standard, and formaldehyde exceeded the standard has a serious danger to the human body. 

Harm. Short-term in a low concentration of formaldehyde exceeding the standard environment will occur headache, dizziness, limb weakness, decreased immunity and other symptoms, long-term use will appear chronic poisoning, respiratory dysfunction, liver cell injury and other diseases. If you are in a high concentration of formaldehyde environment will lead to a variety of cancers, such as nasal cancer, blood cancer, lymphoid cancer and so on. And mattresses and people. 

Body contact time is the longest, and quite intimate, mattress formaldehyde exceeded the standard is easy to cause harm to human health.

The mattress combination formula above: upper fabric + comfort layer + bearing layer + comfort layer + lower fabric. The structure in this corresponding to the above choice of simple examples, according to mathematical arrangement and combination of knowledge can be divided into how many kinds of mattresses? After some calculation, there are 243 combinations, which does not include the three, six, nine, non-woven anti-mite layer below the comfort layer. 

So here's the problem again! Which cushion price ratio is the highest in this "simple" 243 combinations?!

The same price ratio quality, the same quality ratio price, mattress price is easy to compare. On the fabric chose a better fabric, because the above said the price is certain, so the above material has occupied most of the price, then the comfort layer and brown grade will decline. Some people just ask for pure environmental protection coconut palm not to collapse. 

Yes, so other aspects of the level will be low because the price is limited, what kind of material can be more or less. All of these combinations have their advantages and disadvantages. Think carefully about why mattresses look the same on the surface and why the prices are different. It's really hard to choose. Let's get back to business. This is probably the best match: medium fabric. 

+ High comfort layer + High density coconut brown (this is the upper half, that is, the front of the mattress) the lower half can choose a medium material. Why did you choose that? Because if the density of brown can not reach, such mattresses are very easy to collapse, do not believe those who press will flatten the brown, still preach that this is elastic, that is because the density is not enough. 

! Put on the fabric because you may only spread one layer of sheets, choose a similar fabric on it. Comfortable layer is also similar to coconut brown, comfortable layer to choose natural latex, better support at the same time has the ability to sterilize and remove mites.

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