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Air ventilation memory mattress
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  • Environment friendly polyurethane foam

  • Breathable memory foam

  • Natural latex foam

  • Bonnell spring

  • Independent pocket spring

  • Eco coconut coir

  • Natural organic fabric

  • Sponge touches soft and more comfortable, it has a better resilience, better for human spine curve, and comply with the requirements of ergonomics.

  • Memory foam is a relatively new modern material, it has a unique function of decompression, can absorb and decompose the body's pressure, thereby reduce the mattress pressure to the human body. The high resilience foam mattress has a mixed bubble distribution, that resulting in different thickness of the skeleton. It produces different support forces under same pressure, also high resilience.

  • Latex sponge is a porous rubber material with all or most of holes connected. It is one of the latex products that consumed latex the most. It has the characteristics of high elasticity, vibration absorption, and good fatigue resistance, good load bearing, comfortable and durable.

  • Spring mattress has excellent resilience and ventilation, suitable for young people and people easy sweating during sleep. Spring mattress can give the body fully support and provide all the necessary comfort performance, make you sleep well all night and you don't need to count the sheep from now on

  • Because of each pocket spring coils of mattress moved and supported independently, spring coils can retract solo, so if one person turn over or leave the other person will not be affected, and thus can ensure a safe and comfortable sleep

  • ECO coconut coir mattress itself has strong moisture absorption and breathability advantage, all because of the nature fibers of the coconut coir mattress, more holes can effectively discharge the heat generated by the human body out of the mattress, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleep environment. Mattress firmness is moderate, this type of mattress has good support on human body and it also have a strong practicability. Coconut coir mattress is made of pure coconut fibers. It has the advance performance of warm in winter and cool in summer, non-toxic and non-polluting. It meet the modern green consumption trend. The coconut coir mattress can balance the force when you sleep, which can make the head, shoulder and buttock got a balanced support force, and these three points bear the biggest force when sleep. Whether sleeping on the side, on the prone or on the back, the force on each contact surface is uniform

  • Comfort: Friendly and no irritation to skin, meeting the requirements of environmental protection and human health. Antistatic: Due to the high moisture absorption rate of cotton fibers, no static electricity. Good sweat absorption: adsorb water and micro-sweat on human skin, make a fast rebalancing of body temperature, the effect of ventilation and sweat absorption is truly achieved; Because of  no dyeing and chemical treatment, the colored cotton fabric will have long hair and maybe pilling.

  • Deep Sleep

    Deep Sleep

  • Comfortable support

    Comfortable support

  • Soft and comfortable

    Soft and comfortable

Everyone has different sleep habits, and Jetai Furniture offers a variety of different mattresses for customers to choose from. Whether it's spring, latex or foam mattresses, each mattress tries to provide comfortable support and affordable prices. The quality is comfortable, the price is comfortable, come and choose the mattress that suits you quickly!

Concentration, very energetic and good temper - your mentality today mostly depends on the sleep quality of last night. Our new mattress can be a good start.

5-zone spring with comfortable support. Two different levels of sleep comfort. The microporous latex layer is soft and comfortable. After a day's tired work, what you want most is a package like marshmallows and a mattress as comfortable as nature.

Company Profile

Foshan Jietai Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, which is specialized in producing all kinds of high quality soft beds, mattresses, bagged springs, round spring nets, wooden beds and so on. The company was registered in May 2014 with a registered capital of 3 million yuan. The factory has a production area of 12000 square meters and an annual output value of about 50 million yuan. The company integrates research and development, production and sales, with advanced production management mode and strict quality management system, high-quality marketing team and perfect after-sales service system. After years of continuous development, we have established advanced mattress and spring

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  • 12000
    Factory production area

    Square metre

  • 5000
    Annual output value

    Ten thousand CNY

  • 300
    Registered capital

    Ten thousand CNY